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We Are So Happy To Meet You

We are a New York based psychotherapist design team excited to use our combined training and experiences to create a therapy website that works for you. Therapists and artists by training and education, we work with you to identify your strengths, design a website and social media presence that feels right to you, and help you brand yourself so that your practice thrives.  

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 A thoughtful website that comes straight from the heart of your business will level up your online presence and attract your dream clients.

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I had the best experience working with Talia from Shiovitz Design Studio! I was referred to Talia by a family member who was very happy with her work, so I already felt more at ease venturing into this world of web design that I know nothing about. Talia responded very quickly to my initial outreach and our first meeting shortly after on Zoom was so wonderful! I was happily anxious as Talia worked on designing my website, and then so super impressed by what she came up with! Talia and I continued to work very well together- I made a comprehensive list of feedback and she happily made the needed edits. She really heard the feedback that I gave her and again, impressed me. The end result is that I have a beautifully designed website that truly reflects who I am, my business, and my dreams. I am so appreciative of Talia for her creativity, talent, and kindness (and affordability). I would highly recommend Talia from Shiovitz Design to anyone who needs an amazing website and a professional experience, with a personal touch! 


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